Querying Literary Agents – The Rotunda Update

The Rotunda is my debut book, so I’m still very new to the book querying process.

Apparently, agents like when one limits the amount of queries to a maximum of eight at a time.

I sent out my first eight queries a month ago.

My query base. Information in the parentheses differ depending on the agent.

Six of them still haven’t responded; the other two rejected me within the first two to three days.

I have to wait a total of eight weeks before following up on the query and the wait is killing me! I can’t send out more until I’ve received responses from the first batch. I mean, I can, but I prefer sending eight at a time, rather than send one as I get one.

Rejection is part of the process. I get that. But it still doesn’t make it easier. The wait is even worse. Rejection I can take — I know it’s coming, but is the response? Some agents reject you by not responding and that kills me! A courtesy “we’re gonna pass” email would be nice. At least we wouldn’t be attached to our devices waiting for a reply.

I’m hoping things will get better as I write and publish more books, because publishing a debut novel is proving to be quite the challenge.


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