Keep a Journal – Daily Prompt (Bottle)


I’m not one to bottle up feelings, but sometimes I’ve learned that it’s best to keep quiet.

My mother taught me to always tell the truth. She didn’t say anything about not saying it when it meant hurting another person by saying it. I learned that all on my own.

That’s the cool thing about writing — we can write our feelings and call it fiction if we’re too afraid to admit the truth, if we want.

English teachers always have daily prompts. It’s to get you to write every day and to tell your feelings to someone or in this case something, since you never have to read it out loud if you don’t want.

Keep a journal. Either handwritten or on your computer. Don’t bottle up your feelings. If there isn’t a someone, there’s always a something to tell your feelings to.


Maturity – Daily Prompt (Blossom)


I hate it when the daily prompts aren’t writing-related…

I’m in one of those moods. I don’t feel like writing, but a challenge is a challenge and I’m supposed to be writing every day.

I at least try combining the daily prompt with my daily post (about my life) when it’s not writing-related.

Let’s see…

What’s the average age one comes to blossom?

My body matured since 12 years old. Mentally, I’m still learning.

I really wish I had been a late-bloomer. They’re usually looking good in their 20s, when that’s when I started loosing it.

It’s crazy how much weight I’ve gained. I’m lucky I found someone into BBW’s.

One thing’s for sure, no matter how you look, be with someone who likes you no matter what.

When did you blossom? Do you still look the same or is the difference significant?

Masters of the Universe – Daily Prompt (Create)


As fiction writers, we create worlds for readers to enjoy. We make them laugh. We make them cry. We make them feel something. Or at least we try.

Readers want to either escape their reality or relate to what they’re reading or both.

It’s our job as writers to suck our readers into the words we laid down for them.

Writers are the masters of the universe. All of us. That’s why there’s so much jealousy among us. We want our worlds to take over everybody else’s. But there’s room for everyone. There’s always room for a new world. It’s even recommended to dabble in each other’s worlds to learn from the experience. It makes us grow as writers.

Dabble in different worlds, then create your own. It’s never too early or too late for a writer to start a novel.

Model of Excellence – Daily Prompt (Paragon)


Is it possible for a diamond to lose quality? You know, besides cutting it.

I used to be my mom’s 100 carat diamond. Her paragon. Her model of excellence. It was always “Why can’t you be more like your sister?” Especially with my middle brother — the troubled one.

It all stopped once I decided to leave home at 17 to stay at a dorm at UTPA. I had to. We lived 30 minutes away from the university and even though she said she’d take and pick me up every day, I knew she’d get fed up, like she did when I wanted a school of choice, which was less than 10 minutes away from home and like she did when I got a job less than 20 minutes away from home.

Even though my middle brother didn’t even finish high school or bother getting a GED, much less go to college, even though he’s been to jail for stealing, even though he’s sold drugs and been on drugs, he’s the one still getting support by her at 20 years old.

I stopped talking to her for four years (2010-2014), because she wouldn’t help me in a time of need. I was 18 years old, it was the last year she was going to use me for her joint income tax with my step-dad. I was still afraid to do it on my own. I don’t know why. This was also the year the number of children you can get money for had been increased from two to three. Their return ended up being close to $3000 over what they had received every other previous year. After receiving it, I asked in the nicest way possible if I could have $200. Her response was, “Give you money? You said you only wanted for us to use you in our income so you could use the paperwork for your financial aid.” Um, yeah, but that didn’t change the fact that they still received a significant amount of extra money for having used me that particular year. I don’t remember what we said next. We both started yelling at each other, until I eventually hung up on her and never called her again. She’s the one who looked for me. I thought I’d give her a second chance. It lasted a year. We haven’t spoken for two years now since then.

This time we stopped talking, because my middle brother stole my Galaxy Note 5. My husband had barely bought it for me less than a week before the incident. We made the mistake of accepting to live with them when my husband and I were going through a rough time and it ended up leading to another breakup. She chose his side. He had already tried stealing from us one time, so we put a deadbolt, but he did this when we were right outside. I had left my phone charging inside and didn’t bother with the deadbolt, because I thought, “We’re right outside,” right? Well, that didn’t stop him. I’d gone back inside to get it and noticed that it was gone right away, because my light wasn’t coming on. He had taken my Bluetooth light bulb, too! It wasn’t until later that I also noticed my tablet and taser flashlight gone, but by then it’d been too late to confront, not that he’d admit it, though. I wasn’t gonna let him get away with it this time, especially with my parents and little brother on his side. I called the cops. Apparently, they can’t do anything without proof or a confession. I called T-Mobile, let them know about the situation, technically they couldn’t do anything either, but I got a nice representative that stayed on the line with me, while helping me navigate an app or website, I can’t remember, that helps track the phone down. It led us to a middle-aged couple’s house. They said they didn’t know anything. We kept looking around, but it kept leading us back there. The second time we passed by there, the phone was outside on their yard, close to the sidewalk. I didn’t care if they threw it out to wash their hands of it or what, I was just happy I had it back and undamaged.

My mother and I have never gotten along. I don’t know why she presented me as her paragon to my brothers. Perhaps that was her way of trying to make them work harder, since I was the one mostly interested in school and reading and writing for pleasure.

It’s a confusing thought, not knowing if there’s love there for a person. Everybody always thinks that you’re supposed to love a relative, just because they’re relatives, but that’s just not true. If you’re not willing to sacrifice for them, if the thought of them dying doesn’t make you cry or at least cringe while your heart skips a beat in fear, then maybe, just maybe, you don’t really love them and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The bad thing is to pretend you do.

Break Their Heart – Daily Prompt (Puncture)


The best way to engage someone with your writing is to puncture the heart. Make them hurt. Bring back emotions they thought were dead. Break their heart.

A cry is the most heartfelt emotion somebody can give. If you can make somebody cry with your writing, you’re doing something right.

Give somebody cancer. Have somebody get sexually assaulted. Kill off a good character out of nowhere. After all, it’s just fantasy and even though we read fiction to escape reality, we always want to relate.

What’s more relatable than emotional pain?

So, get those fingers behind those keyboards and enamore your reader. Once you have ’em where you want ’em, throw in some reality and puncture their heart.

Thinning Out the Masses – Daily Prompt (Taper)


We think that everything we write is good. Most writers hate editing, but that’s a very important step in perfecting the work.

When I finished the first draft of The Rotunda, it had 5,000 more words than the final draft.

I let a couple of people read it and received good criticism, mostly toward removing unnecessary detail.

I knew I had to taper the manuscript, so I got to work.

Thinning out the masses was the best thing I could have done. It flows so much better now.

After editing it myself, I hired a professional copy editor to give it another look. Apparently, I missed a few things, so it’s a good thing I did.

Editing really is very beneficial toward perfecting one’s work.

If you have a project you’re working on, I suggest you check for anything you can taper while you’re editing, because I guarantee that not everything we write is good. At least not right away.

Patience is a Virtue – Daily Prompt (Volume)


Most writers start off by writing small. I started writing songs, then poems, which in retrospect were the same thing for me, because I don’t play any instruments; the only difference is that I sang some, but not others.

I wrote in a diary until my mother found it and started throwing things in my face about it, like I was the one that was wrong for feeling those things, instead of her for invading my privacy.

Once in high school, I started writing essays and book reports.

Then in college, short stories and articles, because of my major and minor.

After graduation, I started writing a book. I wasted about a year on it before I decided that that’s not what I wanted to write about. That’s when I started writing The Rotunda. I finished that volume and am now trying to work on part two.

If you’re a writer, you’ll eventually want to write a book, because for us it’s never enough and a book is as long as you can get.

I’ve been writing for pleasure for about 15 years. I started my first book about 5 years ago and I still feel like I have so much to learn, but I also learned so much writing it.

If you’ve been writing for as long as I have or longer and you still haven’t started a debut novel, I encourage you to do it. Even if it’s not your intention to publish that volume, it’s great practice for improving our writing skills and that’s all we ever want as writers, isn’t it? However, if you do intend to publish it, all I have to say is that patience is a virtue.

Setting Goals and Reaching Them – Daily Prompt (Triumph)


The difference between a dreamer and a realist is that the realist sets goals for the dream.

In order to triumph in this, one must set a process on how to reach the goal.

If you want to be a renowned author, write every day, keep the flow going by practicing when you can; find somebody who can give you concise criticism that’ll help you grow as a writer; find an agent you can trust; participate in challenges; review your old work and see if you can do better. In fact this advice can go for anything, just replace writer with whatever it is you want to be.

Set goals and triumph. Do that thing you’ve always wanted to do. Enjoy life, because we only have one and it would be a waste if we left it unfinished.

Give That Wow Factor – Daily Prompt (Revelation)


Every story has its mystery. Even the ones that aren’t in that category. It’s what keeps the reader going.

The point is to wait until the right time for the big revelation. Most of the time it’s toward the end.

The reader can’t wait for it. It’s what they’re reading for. They want to know who the real villan’s been all along. They want to know who’s been leaving secret messages. Who’s going to end up with who? They’re waiting to be wowed.

There are so many events that happen before the big reveal, each building enthusiasm for it more and more.

If the reader has stayed through the ongoing events, they want to finish reading the story and that in itself is support. So, in a way, the story is all about the revelation, because writing is meant to give that wow factor and if you can give it. Give it.

Listen to the Angel on Your Shoulder – Daily Prompt (Tender)


It’s not uncommon that people talk to themselves either out loud or in their heads. In fact, it’s so common even cartoons acknowledge it with an angel and devil on each shoulder.

It’s okay to debate between two choices. Not everybody knows what the right thing to do is right away.

The devil is usually the easier choice, because the angel means getting out of our ways sometimes — and we’ve all got such busy lives, don’t we?

Is it really that hard to pause by a car with a flat tire and ask if they need help? To be tender to a homeless person by eating a burrito with them and asking about their lives? To let a tired elderly person get ahead of you in line at the grocery store?

Is it really that hard to pick the angel?

Next time you’re in line at the grocery store and the single parent with three children in front of you is $1.17 short, pay it for them if you can. When you see somebody crying on their own, be tender and ask if they need somebody to talk to.

Listen to the angel on your shoulder. Show sympathy. You don’t know their story and you don’t have to. All you see is somebody in need. If it’s within your means, always choose to help.