A Sense of Euphoria


Yesterday, my husband and I drank liquor for the first time in a long time and it was exceptional to say the least.

We didn’t argue. I didn’t cry. We didn’t do anything extreme.

Long story short: I have mood swings and alcohol enhances them; sometimes I feel angry and start an argument and drunk, my husband relieves his anger through yelling back, when he’s usually very docile. Sometimes I get very sad and start watching emotional videos, like “Don’t Take the Girl” or “Concrete Angel” and I start balling my eyes out; other times I crave something and I want to go get it, even in our state.

Not this time.

After about my sixth shot, I started having an immense sense of euphoria.

We were listening to music, while our color-changing light bulb from Wish did its thing. I was singing along and he was playing a new Pokemon game we got into on his phone.

Eventually, we went to cook some food together. We ended up making a delicious beef stew from scratch. For the first time. I’m pretty sure it would have been delicious sober, too, but we didn’t get to find out.

I guess inebriation gives courage in more places than one and mad skills in cooking, since neither of us are cooks.

After we finished eating the stew, we went to bed.

My sense of euphoria wasn’t yet gone.

Long story short, I had the best orgasm since I was a hormonal teenager during my first months of marriage.

I’m not sure if it was the fact that we hadn’t had liquor in about a month or that we drank a different brand than we’re used to, but it was one of the best days off the hubby’s had.


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