A Writer’s Library – Weekly Photo Challenge (Order)



It took me a while to find something organized around my apartment, but I finally got it! I realized that no matter how chaotic my place is, one thing’s always in order: my books.


They’re really old and I need to re-buy them, but they’re my first copies of them and I just don’t want to get rid of them.

In retrospect, a writer’s library should be much bigger than mine, but in my defense, all my books are digital now.

I love my books! I love physically having them, especially when they’re the only thing in order around this place, but keeping them digitally just makes things so much easier.

Does accessibility beat new book smell for others, too, or is that just me?


Being There Through Hard Times – Weekly Photo Challenge (A Friend)


Being a friend means being there through hard times.

This is a picture of a friend.



Because who doesn’t it make feel good? I feel bad for the lactose intolerant and the ones allergic to peanuts, because Snickers is the best chocolate ever! — And best friend!