Rejection From Both Sides

Today, I received an offer from a publishing company that wanted to help me self-publish my book.

I had forgotten that I had sent my manuscript to them. It was two weeks after I sent my queries to agents.

I didn’t realize I’d also be getting offers to self-publish. I mean, if I wanted to self-publish, I would have done it already. So, that means they’ll be rejection from both sides, because I’m not interested in self-publishing.

The difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing is that I’d have to pay for a few expenses myself; when in traditional publishing, they don’t just pay for the expenses, they give you an advance that’s usually around $15,000.

I’m willing to wait for traditional publishing, even though I know it’ll take longer. I know my book is commercial. If I self-publish, then find an agent or publisher who wants to publish traditionally, I’ll lose credibility. My book won’t become as big as I know it can be.

Patience is my only friend right now. I just have to trust that somebody will see what I see and hope that once it reaches that stage, fans won’t let me down.


Querying Literary Agents – The Rotunda Update

The Rotunda is my debut book, so I’m still very new to the book querying process.

Apparently, agents like when one limits the amount of queries to a maximum of eight at a time.

I sent out my first eight queries a month ago.

My query base. Information in the parentheses differ depending on the agent.

Six of them still haven’t responded; the other two rejected me within the first two to three days.

I have to wait a total of eight weeks before following up on the query and the wait is killing me! I can’t send out more until I’ve received responses from the first batch. I mean, I can, but I prefer sending eight at a time, rather than send one as I get one.

Rejection is part of the process. I get that. But it still doesn’t make it easier. The wait is even worse. Rejection I can take — I know it’s coming, but is the response? Some agents reject you by not responding and that kills me! A courtesy “we’re gonna pass” email would be nice. At least we wouldn’t be attached to our devices waiting for a reply.

I’m hoping things will get better as I write and publish more books, because publishing a debut novel is proving to be quite the challenge.

The Rotunda Synopsis


16-year-olds, Amy-Lee, CJ, and Vicky, high school juniors from Shelby, Michigan live in a world where half of the inhabitants have either teleportation, telepathic, or telekinetic abilities that vary in power levels. They call themselves Telemakers; the ones who can’t telemake, they call Orpiens.

Governments all over the world take precautions according to their ideals to prevent powerful Telemakers from getting too strong. As a safeguard for preventing too much power, all countries agreed to prohibit a male and female Telemaker from marrying each other, so they don’t bare a powerful child, especially the rumored Legendary Telemaker. The ones who come out tough anyway are casted away from society, but are never heard of again.

Some Telemakers prefer the principles of other nations and flee their own country; others remain in their homeland and hide their abilities to prevent persecution; several, like the Reign Riders even join the regime and become traitors to their own cause, but even more join the strong cause of their kind in underground resistance groups like the Rotunda in the United States, which has endured many years, whilst others in harsher countries have not.

Eventually, the U.S. takes a stronger, more direct approach and sends squadrons to weed out all Telemakers associated with the Rotunda, and Reign Riders are leading them, bringing the old archenemies to confront each other again.

The three teenagers are caught in the middle of the war and are forced to join the Rotunda to prevent tyranny from the government. While they try to keep an emotional bond, they are forced to train and fight at unexpected moments, some find out new things about themselves, others experience loss, leaving little room for romance, for one thing they know for sure; the world isn’t as peaceful as they give it credit for and whether they like it or not, no matter how far it goes, they know they have to fight for their rights, their lives and the lives of innocent Telemakers.

The Rotunda excerpt


She knows what to do. She’s never done it before, but she’s noticed that when in the face of danger her abilities radiate like no other time.

“Amy-Lee, create your dome around you and CJ, now!” she yells aloud and telepathically, in case she isn’t heard through the chaos.

Amy-Lee does as she’s told her, while the ninjas are distracted with her, Vicky hovers higher than she’s done before. She positions herself over Amy-Lee’s dome and raises her hands on each side of her, combining both powers to emit the blue energy. Rapidly, she begins to spin in the air and rays of energy blast the circle of ninjas backward, into the food, the walls, and the tables. Most of them don’t get back up, but a few rise slowly and one of them says, “This must be the brunette we were told to find.”

She doesn’t understand what that means, but she knows they’re here for either her or Amy-Lee, so she can’t let them succeed or leave to report to their leader. Still in the air, she throws multiple knives toward the standing men and the backs of those on the floor for good measure.

She relaxes and returns to the ground, approaching Amy-Lee.