Maturity – Daily Prompt (Blossom)


I hate it when the daily prompts aren’t writing-related…

I’m in one of those moods. I don’t feel like writing, but a challenge is a challenge and I’m supposed to be writing every day.

I at least try combining the daily prompt with my daily post (about my life) when it’s not writing-related.

Let’s see…

What’s the average age one comes to blossom?

My body matured since 12 years old. Mentally, I’m still learning.

I really wish I had been a late-bloomer. They’re usually looking good in their 20s, when that’s when I started loosing it.

It’s crazy how much weight I’ve gained. I’m lucky I found someone into BBW’s.

One thing’s for sure, no matter how you look, be with someone who likes you no matter what.

When did you blossom? Do you still look the same or is the difference significant?


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