Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Today was payday for the hubby. I still haven’t gotten any call backs for my applications.

The money finishes as soon as we get it.

We paid our bills, bought some groceries and saved a little to accumulate with next paycheck for the rent.

We don’t have any children yet for this reason. If both of us have to work to live comfortably, who’d take care of the kids while we work? A baby sitter? I don’t want my kids getting attached to a stranger.

Also, paying a babysitter would take about half of the paycheck of somebody working a minimum wage job, so it just defeats the purpose.

I don’t know how parents in anything under middle class do it, but props if you and your kids are living comfortably. I’d go crazy. I go crazy now when something goes off budget.

Most of the 98% live paycheck to paycheck, but everybody just sees it as normal, just another struggle of life. Oh, well.


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