Rejection From Both Sides

Today, I received an offer from a publishing company that wanted to help me self-publish my book.

I had forgotten that I had sent my manuscript to them. It was two weeks after I sent my queries to agents.

I didn’t realize I’d also be getting offers to self-publish. I mean, if I wanted to self-publish, I would have done it already. So, that means they’ll be rejection from both sides, because I’m not interested in self-publishing.

The difference between self-publishing and traditional publishing is that I’d have to pay for a few expenses myself; when in traditional publishing, they don’t just pay for the expenses, they give you an advance that’s usually around $15,000.

I’m willing to wait for traditional publishing, even though I know it’ll take longer. I know my book is commercial. If I self-publish, then find an agent or publisher who wants to publish traditionally, I’ll lose credibility. My book won’t become as big as I know it can be.

Patience is my only friend right now. I just have to trust that somebody will see what I see and hope that once it reaches that stage, fans won’t let me down.


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