The Struggles of Poverty

If you’re not part of the 2%, then you more than likely partake in the struggles of poverty.

The thing about the middle class is that the more they make, the more they spend, so they sometimes end up in the same place the people in the lower class go through.

I prefer being ahead of bills, so that any income during that time is considered extra. Well, the bills have caught up and we’ve decided to sell our car to pay ahead.

I’d rather not have to worry about bills than have nice things. Hopefully one day I can have both, but for now I’d rather just not worry.

We’re going to buy a cheaper vehicle and use the rest on bills. We don’t have to worry about hurrying, since the hubby drives a company vehicle and I still haven’t gotten a call back for a job since the Alamo Draft House.

This is the life of the other 98%; having to give up one thing for another or giving late payments or barely surviving, paying bills, buying groceries with cash and having no extra cash for entertainment.

But life isn’t all about money. It’s about enjoying it with your loved ones. That’s what I’m doing and that’s what you should do, too, because we only have one life to live and it would be a shame if it was wasted worrying.


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