The Finer Things In Life Aren’t Always New

My husband and I tell each other about our day while listening to music after he gets out of work.

Then we eat while watching a movie.

We do this every time.

On his days off, we go eat out and visit the beach or stay in and watch movies and play video games.

Some people would get tired of routines, but they make me feel safe.

Don’t get me wrong. I like change. But if something’s going to change, it better be one routine to another.

I don’t mind sponeity either, as long as it sticks to my likes. I don’t want anything dangerous. The only way I’ll try something dangerous is if I do some research first and it turns out to be a stigma.

It turns out rollercoasters are okay, but there’s still some I just can’t get on yet.

I want to travel the world, visit the main capitals of Europe, like London, Paris, Italy, Madrid, Berlin.

But the finer things in life aren’t always new. Even if I don’t end up traveling the world; living this routine day by day, I’d still be happy, because I’m with the love of my life and the little things actually matter the most.


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