Early Cancellation

Earlier this week, I saw Netflix’s update list of renewed and cancelled shows on Facebook. Like with every post, I went to the comments section to see what people were saying.

Every single post mentioned the Netflix Original show Sense8. Every single one.

Most threatened to give up their membership if the show wasn’t reinstalled. Others just expressed their feelings about how they shouldn’t have cancelled it, because it’s the only show with so much diversity.

I was curious. I started watching it and I was hooked from episode one.

It really does have immense diversity. The main characters consist of an Indian woman, a German man, an African man, a Korean woman, an Icelander woman, a Mexican man, an American man in Chicago, and an American trans woman in San Francisco.

They all became connected somehow. Sensates. They can feel what the other feels. See what they see. Even from way across the country. But only during certain moments — mostly when they’re in distress.

I’m only halfway through season one, but I can already say that I love the show. I love the storyline and I love the diversity.

I don’t know why it got cancelled when it clearly has so many fans, but I chose to watch it even though I knew there’d be no conclusion.

I’m not looking forward to the last episode. Nobody likes cliffhangers. Especially not those that’ll stay hanging forever.

But a show like this deserves to be watched for what it’s given us, not ignored for depriving us of an ending.


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