No Experience, Not Hiring

I’m 26 years old and I’ve only had seven jobs that have lasted less than five months each; therefore, I have no experience.

My very first job was in a taqueria at my home town in Mission, TX. I was still 15 years old, so I couldn’t put my social security to work. The owner paid me $20 per day, plus whatever tips I’d get, which weren’t many since I was a terrible waitress. I only lasted two months.

After I turned 16, a friend who worked at Furr’s Fresh Buffet in McAllen, TX told me their cashier was quitting. I was visiting my aunt a lot during that summer, so my mom agreed I could get the job 15 minutes away from home. This one, too, only lasted two months.

I was a junior graduate, so I was 17 when I got my high school diploma. I ended up getting my next job as an office assistant at the dorms I was staying at during my freshmen year at UTPA in Edinburg, TX. The job was through work study, which I later found out I could replace with loans. We couldn’t have both. I replaced work study with loans. Big mistake. But, that’s that. This job lasted throughout the entire first semester.

I was still 17 when I started working at Whataburger during my next semester. I was a cashier, worked Friday through Sunday, 6 pm to 7 am. I ended up having a complication with one of the managers and I just chose to quit. This was another two month job.

I got another job right away at Pizza Hut, but that one only lasted two weeks, because it was toward the summer and my mom convinced us to stay with them in Corpus Christi, TX. I almost transferred to Del Mar College until I realized that I hadn’t escaped the hell of living with my mother just to end up back there, so I returned to Edinburg after a few weeks, but I had already lost the job by then, not to mention a good reference.

I didn’t work again until I was a junior in college and I managed to get permission to get my internship early, because I thought I was going to graduate a semester early. I ended up staying and filling my last semester with electives. The internship was for a blog called Latina Lista. I was offered to continue working for them after the internship was over, but I felt like it wasn’t my kind of blog, so I declined.

During my internship, I was simultaneously working for the university’s magazine as a writer and editor. I enjoyed this job the most. Unfortunately, I didn’t apply the next year, because I thought I was graduating early, but I wouldn’t have been able to keep working for it after graduation anyway, so it wasn’t a total loss.

I was a junior in college back in 2011. That’s when I had my last job. I pretty much survived with financial aid checks and loans during my college years. After I graduated, my husband got a job. It was easier for him to find jobs with at least one year experience in each job he’d had than me with a bachelor’s degree and less than half a year experience in each job I’d had. I got fed up with applications and not getting call backs, so I stopped applying for jobs. He’s been the bread winner ever since.

I worked on my book during those years, but now that it’s finished and I have writer’s block for book two, I’m bored and I decided to start applying for jobs again.

I don’t want to work at a fast food restaurant again and I don’t want to be a server, so that leaves office jobs, which I enjoy very much. It’s one of the reasons I love being a writer — the fact that I can work at a desk, but those are the hardest jobs to get without experience and even with experience — the one with the most gets it.

I decided to expand my horizon a bit and applied to a new theater that opened up in the area. This cinema has VIP viewings, which include alcohol and servers taking you your snacks and drinks. I specified that I wanted a position either at the concession stand or the ticket booth and wouldn’t you know, I get a call back for server — almost like that’s all no experience can get me or it had no other openings, but still.

It’s been months since I started applying to jobs and the Alamo Draft House is the only call back I’ve had.

My husband applies to a new job and he gets a call back within a week.

So, here’s my advice: build experience while you’re young and still can, because not even a bachelor’s degree will snatch that good paying job from a person with experience.



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