The Girl in the Mirror – Short Story


Originally written some time in 2011.

Fiction short story:

Karina is a smiling girl who wears light jeans, polo shirts, tennis shoes, and baby blue nails, everything normal for a schoolgirl. She looks nice; like she wouldn’t hurt a fly, but can you really judge a book by its cover? Those long, beautiful, black lashes might really be deceiving and not nurturing, one never knows.

Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! Her alarm goes off to start getting ready for school, she has a big exam today and she must pass it to go on to her next year level.

“Oh, I don’t want to go to school today, I feel so tired,” she whimpers in bed.

Her phone rings. “Hello?” she answers, still in bed.

“Where were you last night, Karina? I tried calling you like a million times and you wouldn’t answer, I thought we were going out to check out that Big Daddy’s Bar to see what all the fuzz is about. What happened?” her friend Marietta asks, warily.

“I fell asleep. I didn’t feel so good last night and I didn’t want to bother anyone with it,” Karina says, annoyed.

“Well, I guess it doesn’t matter. You have a very important test today and that’s what you have to be worried about,” Marietta says, “I’ll car pool you to school today. I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”

Karina sits in her chair, looking at herself in the mirror, putting soft make up on and fixing her short, black hair, before her friend Marietta arrives.

As Karina sits through her test later that day, she can’t help but think about what had really happened last night. She felt bad about lying to her friend Marietta, but the truth is, she didn’t even know herself.

When nightfall strikes once again, a distinguished young lady sits in Karina’s chair, looking in the mirror, fixing her long blonde hair, which remotely looks like a wig, touching up her heavy make-up. The woman finishes touching up and is ready to go out. She wears a black mini-skirt, red halter blouse, and ravishing black stilettos. As this woman walks down the street, drunken men yell things to her.

“Hey, Rachael, you going to give me another night of discount or what, baby?” one of them says.

She keeps walking, as she turns around to respond, “Later, if you guys are good.” She winks at them.

Rachael finally gets to Big Daddy’s Bar. The place is packed with people, from sobers to drunks and ladies to strippers. There are too many people for Rachael to realize who’s there; she keeps walking toward the back to get changed for her show.

Thirty minutes later, the owner of the bar, Jessie, walks into the changing room to inform Rachael that it’s her turn to go on stage.

“Come on, Rachael, hurry up, it’s your turn next. Mind you, we have a lot of youngsters out there so you might be getting good tips tonight.”

Rachael heads toward the stage. She comes out from behind the curtains, slowly, to the beat of the music. She wears very little clothes, but are soon taken off as the music continues. She’s left with a small g-string where men put bills in. As this goes on, Karina’s best friend Marietta walks into Big Daddy’s Bar alone. Karina obviously ditched again.

As Marietta enters the bar, she has a surprised face, as she looks toward the stage where Rachael is dancing.

“Karina?” she asks.

Rachael is putting her clothes back on and walking down the stage.

“Excuse me?” she reciprocates, not knowing whom this Karina is.

“You are Karina!” Marietta exclaims, looking at her closer.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Rachael says, leaving Marietta startled.

There is no confusion; this is where Karina goes every night. The girl in the mirror is exactly the same person who’s in front of it every morning, but she doesn’t have a clue.


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