Ode to Cigarette – Poem

FB_IMG_1496717427940Originally written some time in 2011.


People talk bad about you for

All those people you’ve diseased and

Deceased before—

They don’t understand your good side,

I do.

You help calm my anxiety

And you give me a buzz high,

I like it—I like you.

I like you more with a little flavor though—

A minty touch does the trick,

Crush is my favorite.

You can be a life saver if

Taken moderately, but

You can also be a killer if

Taken too much…

All that’s needed is moderation—

If taken moderately, you can be

The best of friends.

You’re my best friend—

You calm my nerves

And all I need is one from your pack.

Your whole pack

Can last me a month…

I know how to take you moderately,

The people you deceived didn’t.

You got them addicted to you,

They couldn’t stop taking you

Even if they tried—

It lead to their death slowly, so I plead you:

Please don’t get me addicted to you.

I like the relationship we have—

It doesn’t have to get ruined

By making me want you more and more.

No offense, but you actually

Make me sick to my stomach when

I take more than two of you in a day

But if it does get to that point I’m going to

Have to say I’m sorry to you—

I’m ditching you then getting help to

Keep you away for good.

I only take you when

I really need you, but

I still like you—

Even if other people don’t

And I’m going to keep you as a friend

Until my lungs become your enemy.


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