Make Your Wish – Short Story


Originally written some time in 2011.

Fiction short story:

I don’t have much luck in love and neither does my cousin Natalie. We both await our true love and would do anything to speed up the process. We just don’t know where the good guys are.

“Hey, Rebecca, you’re not going to believe what I just found out,” shouted Natalie, as she sped toward me.

“What? What is it?” I asked.

“Alex told me there’s a woman at the super market that grants wishes for money.”

“What? No way! Are you sure the wishes come true? I bet it’s all a load of crap!”

“No, no, it’s for real,” she said, anxiously. “They told me they do come true, they wish to find their true love and the next day they do!”

“Well, what are we waiting for then? Let’s go!”

We went to the supermarket and found the woman. We were so excited we just stood right in front of her and waited for her to say something. She looked like a statue. We weren’t sure if we could say anything.

“Make your wish,” she said.

“I wish to find my true love,” both Natalie and I said.

“Granted,” she said.

“Is that it? When will we find our true loves?” I asked.

“Soon,” she said.

As we walked out of the supermarket we overheard somebody talking about Alex being sick and we couldn’t help but wonder if the wishing woman had anything to do with it.

“Rebecca, I’m scared. I don’t want to die after finding my true love. What would be the point of finding him?”

“I know, Natalie. If his sickness does have anything to do with it, then the best thing to do would be to cancel the wish before we find our true love ‘soon.’”

As we headed back toward the super market, I couldn’t help but notice a nice gentleman in front of me who just mesmerized me. Could this be my true love? Why couldn’t I look away?


I wanted to tell her, but Natalie was looking the other direction mesmerized with some other guy near us.

I got Natalie to snap out of the captivation, too and we managed to get moving again. When we got to the supermarket, we went straight toward the woman and demanded an answer to Alex’s sickness. All she responded was “upgrade.” What the hell does upgrade mean? How can we upgrade our wish? Since she wasn’t giving us any real answers we stormed off and decided to ask the villagers if they knew anything.

We managed to find a woman that would answer us.

“I wished for true love myself. I think we all did. When I found my true love, we got together, but I started to get really sick afterward, so I decided to go back to the lady and told her about it, all she told me was ‘upgrade.’ After that upgrade I didn’t feel sick anymore, but I did feel older. I feel like I’m aging twice as fast, but at least I have my true love by my side.”

“What? We’re going to age twice as fast? I don’t want that either. Do you know of any loopholes to this?” I asked.

“There is something that a friend told me about. He came across it accidentally, but he said it’s really dangerous, although it worked. He ages regularly now and he’s with his true love, but I don’t dare try it. ”

The woman said we had to go to the highest mountain and wait for an avalanche to hit us. If we survived this, we would be capable of keeping both our true love and youth. I didn’t want to lose my youth anytime soon, so I told Natalie we should do it.

“No risk, no gain, Natalie.”

“I’m with you, cousin. Let’s do it.”

When we got to the top of the mountain we saw what nobody would have expected. The avalanche ready to charge at us was shaped in a man’s face. At the sight of us, the avalanche laughed manically, ready to make us his next victims.


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