A Diamond Among Coal – Feature Article

20170412_175335Originally written some time in 2011.

Feature article:

Looking for love is anybody’s greatest adventure, but what about finding love when it’s not even being sought? The last place anybody would think about looking or finding love is at a party, but this is a different story.

When it was time to go outside to get ready for the party, I saw some guys waiting there already. I immediately asked my friend, Jen, about them.

“Oh, they’re going with us to the party, too. The white-skinned one’s from Edinburg, his name’s Ricco and the brown one is from Corpus, his name’s Steven. Stay away from the white one, I want him for me.”

Steven was waving “Hello” and Ricco was shaking hands with everyone. As he was getting near me, he skipped me and shook hands with the person next to me. I thought to myself, “What an ass.”

“I didn’t even want him anyway, you can have him. Did you see that? He didn’t even shake my hand,” I told her. She just smirked.

When we finally got all settled and drove to the party, we had to sign in at the front gate. Obviously we had to wait in line for a while, since we weren’t the only ones trying to get in. As I stood in line with my friends, I couldn’t help but feel eyes staring at me, so I turned around to have a peek and to my surprise I saw Ricco. He looked away as soon as he saw I noticed.

Finally, the time for us to go in had come. Inside the party he kept looking and even tried dancing with me by getting behind me. I hate it when guys do that, so I would just walk away. Since that didn’t work, he tried starting a conversation with me by asking me what drink I had. He repeated these two things like three times each. By the third time he tried dancing with me, he cornered me so I wouldn’t get away.

“Why have you been trying to get away from me all night? I’ve been trying to talk to you or dance with you,” he said to me.

“Well, first of all, I don’t know you; and second of all, you didn’t even shake my hand outside,” I said.

“Oh that? Sorry, sweetie, I couldn’t help being nervous and I didn’t know how to approach you. I finally built up the courage to talk to a beautiful girl like you right now,” he said, trying to sweet talk me. He approached me closely, trying to kiss me, when Jen appeared and pulled me away.

“We’re all leaving already, give him your number and let’s go.”

“How about you give me your number?” I asked Ricco instead. He did and we talked the next day, soberly… and the next day, until now that he became my husband. Who would have thought my true love would find me at a frat party?


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