The Rotunda Synopsis


16-year-olds, Amy-Lee, CJ, and Vicky, high school juniors from Shelby, Michigan live in a world where half of the inhabitants have either teleportation, telepathic, or telekinetic abilities that vary in power levels. They call themselves Telemakers; the ones who can’t telemake, they call Orpiens.

Governments all over the world take precautions according to their ideals to prevent powerful Telemakers from getting too strong. As a safeguard for preventing too much power, all countries agreed to prohibit a male and female Telemaker from marrying each other, so they don’t bare a powerful child, especially the rumored Legendary Telemaker. The ones who come out tough anyway are casted away from society, but are never heard of again.

Some Telemakers prefer the principles of other nations and flee their own country; others remain in their homeland and hide their abilities to prevent persecution; several, like the Reign Riders even join the regime and become traitors to their own cause, but even more join the strong cause of their kind in underground resistance groups like the Rotunda in the United States, which has endured many years, whilst others in harsher countries have not.

Eventually, the U.S. takes a stronger, more direct approach and sends squadrons to weed out all Telemakers associated with the Rotunda, and Reign Riders are leading them, bringing the old archenemies to confront each other again.

The three teenagers are caught in the middle of the war and are forced to join the Rotunda to prevent tyranny from the government. While they try to keep an emotional bond, they are forced to train and fight at unexpected moments, some find out new things about themselves, others experience loss, leaving little room for romance, for one thing they know for sure; the world isn’t as peaceful as they give it credit for and whether they like it or not, no matter how far it goes, they know they have to fight for their rights, their lives and the lives of innocent Telemakers.


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