The Rotunda excerpt


She knows what to do. She’s never done it before, but she’s noticed that when in the face of danger her abilities radiate like no other time.

“Amy-Lee, create your dome around you and CJ, now!” she yells aloud and telepathically, in case she isn’t heard through the chaos.

Amy-Lee does as she’s told her, while the ninjas are distracted with her, Vicky hovers higher than she’s done before. She positions herself over Amy-Lee’s dome and raises her hands on each side of her, combining both powers to emit the blue energy. Rapidly, she begins to spin in the air and rays of energy blast the circle of ninjas backward, into the food, the walls, and the tables. Most of them don’t get back up, but a few rise slowly and one of them says, “This must be the brunette we were told to find.”

She doesn’t understand what that means, but she knows they’re here for either her or Amy-Lee, so she can’t let them succeed or leave to report to their leader. Still in the air, she throws multiple knives toward the standing men and the backs of those on the floor for good measure.

She relaxes and returns to the ground, approaching Amy-Lee.


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