Nothing Can Split Us Apart – Short Story

Originally written some time in 2011.

Fiction short story:

Vivian sits outside Judy’s house gazing up at the stars and twirling a silver dagger with her hands. She’s trying to decide whether to add another scar to Judy’s leg or not. She picks up the bottom of her pant to examine the previous cuts.

“Judy! Are you out there?” her girlfriend Adriana yells.

Shit! What does she want? I told you to tell her you were going to be busy for a while, Judy; can’t a woman have her own fucking space! 

“Yes, I’m out here, Adriana,” Judy responds, as she quickly puts down her pant to hide the scars on her leg.

Send her away Judy or it’ll be her fucking neck on my knife and you’ll be kissing your little girlfriend goodbye.

Vivian hides the silver dagger from Adriana’s view by sitting on it, but still holding on to it with one hand.

“Hey, baby, what are you doing out here all alone?” Adriana asks Judy, as she gets to the bench outside the patio where Judy sits and Vivian is aware of everything.

Alone! Ha ha ha! Fool!

“I’m just looking at the stars; having a little moment to myself to think,” Judy responds.

“Oh, do you want me to leave you alone then?” Adriana asks, disappointed.

“I’ll be inside in a little bit, okay? I just need a few more minutes to think.”

“Fine, do you want something to keep you warm? I noticed you’ve got one hand on your ass and the other one all clenched in a fist.”

“I’m fine,” Vivian snaps. “Just leave me alone, I said I’ll be inside in a little bit.”

Adriana looks at Judy in a way she’s never looked at her before: like a stranger she’d never spoken to in her life. Judy has never spoken to Adriana like that; they were always sweet to each other and reconcile in five minutes for stupid problems, but they never raise their voice is such a way.

“Judy, are you okay?” Adriana asks, concerned.

Vivian looks up at her with an evil look, still clenching the dagger with her hand.

I told you to fucking get rid of her; I hate it when I am interrupted in the middle of my emotional thoughts.

“I’m fine, baby… I’m sorry I snapped, I’ll be right in, you go ahead first,” Judy says, calmly.

Adriana goes inside dissatisfied with Judy’s answer. She knows something’s wrong with her, but she isn’t sure what. All she knows is that Judy has never snapped at her like that before. Judy is shy and calm. And that look she gave her; she has never given her a look like that before. Something is definitely wrong with Judy.

I thought she’d never leave. But you know I was really close to running my dagger across her throat; seems like you saved her this time. You’re too weak to overpower me, Judy, I feed off your fear. And soon I will be strong enough to take over your body and all of you. You don’t know I’m here, but here I am and everything I, Vivian, tell your mind to do, it does. Sometimes I even talk and act for you, because you’re too weak to get what I want; you better get your fucking girlfriend away from where she is not wanted because if she ruins my plans you won’t be too lucky in saving her this time. Now, go back inside. Your little girlfriend has ruined my desires to cut myself for now.

Judy walks back inside where her girlfriend waits for her in the living room anxiously, as she walks back and forth on the rug in the middle of the living room with the house phone clenched on one hand and the other in her mouth for fingernail biting. She walks up to Adriana and pulls her down on the couch, as she sits next to her.

“Hey, baby, I’m back. I missed you. Give me a kiss,” Judy tells her, puckering her lips.

Adriana gets caught off guard. She’s asking for a kiss after how she behaved outside? She just stares at her in amazement.

“Give me a kiss,” Judy repeats.

Adriana sits perplexed, not knowing if it’s safe to kiss her girlfriend — how can she act like nothing happened?

“I said give me a fucking kiss!” Vivian snaps, revealing her silver dagger and holding it against Adriana’s throat.

Adriana sits petrified, not knowing what to do. She doesn’t want to move a muscle in fear of touching the blade. She puckers her lips with fear still in her eyes; then closes her eyes to avoid seeing what’s going to happen next and a small tear sheds down her cheek.

“Gwahahahahahaha!” Vivian laughs maniacally, removing the dagger from Adriana’s throat. “I’m just kidding, baby, I would never hurt you,” Vivian says looking at her with the same evil look she’s given her before, then turns around and walks away to her room without another word.

After Judy goes to her room, Adriana dials her friend Marcus’ number to tell him what has happened.

“Dude, you’re not going to believe this! I’m really freaked out and need somebody to talk to. I love her, man, but something’s wrong with Judy, she has never acted this way before. I don’t want to leave her, I just need to figure out what’s wrong with her.”

“Wow, calm down. What are you talking about? What happened?” Marcus asks.

“She’s been acting really weird lately, like it’s not even her. Right now, she held a dagger to my throat, because I didn’t want to kiss her right away after she asked me to. Judy wouldn’t do that though, maybe I should talk to some type of counselor and have her get checked out, because this can’t be Judy acting of her own accord.”

“Dude, that’s serious and you’re right, that doesn’t sound like Judy. She’s usually really nice. You sure you going to be okay staying the night at y’alls place with her? You can come stay the night over here if you want,” Marcus says.

“I’m sure I’ll be fine, she already went up to our bedroom to go to sleep. It’s too late right now but first thing tomorrow morning I am going to call some sort of expert to help me decipher Judy’s new personality.”

“Alright, well I’m going to have my phone in hand, so you better call me if anything happens.”

Adriana hangs up the phone and just sits on the couch with her head on her knees, thinking. She takes a deep breath, then grabs the phone book to look through the yellow pages for a counselor or psychologist.

“Hey, baby, you’re up early,” Judy says from behind, startling Adriana.

“Uh, yeah,” she says, trying to hide the phonebook from view, “I just…”

Judy picks up the phonebook and examines it. She opens up the marked page.

“What do you need a psychologist for? Think you’re going crazy or what?” Judy asks, playfully.

“Uh, no, it’s for a friend. Marcus said he needed someone to talk to, but he doesn’t have time to be looking for phone numbers himself so I’m doing it for him.”

“Oh, okay, honey, that’s all you had to say,” Judy responds, putting the phonebook down and walks to the kitchen.

Adriana notices that Judy’s being herself, so she decides to follow her into the kitchen where she’s preparing some breakfast for them already. Adriana goes up to her and hugs her from behind.

“I missed you, baby,” Adriana says.

“What are you talking about? I’ve been here all the time, silly.”

“I don’t know, you just haven’t been yourself lately and that scared me for a moment. I’m just glad you’re back to normal,” Adriana says, hugging her tighter.

“Okay, loony, maybe you do need the psychologist after all. I don’t know what you mean by me not being myself; I don’t remember acting any different than I am now,” Judy says, as she continues cooking.

“Are you acting or something?” Adriana says. “You’re saying you don’t remember putting a dagger against my throat last night?”

“What!” Judy asks, surprised. “Why in the world would I do that? I would never hurt you; I love you.”

Adriana is very confused; she doesn’t know what to think anymore. Judy seems like she’s telling the truth, like she really can’t remember doing what she did; but she did do it, she did, there was no doubt about it. She chooses to ignore it and believe her girlfriend; she thinks maybe she has just imagined it, she knows Judy would never do something like that.

Their day comes to an end; they had a delicious breakfast and spend the rest of the day talking, telling each other how much love they had for one another. But as night strikes, Vivian’s closer to coming out to play. Judy has no idea that she is being possessed by a second personality that she has no control of. She thinks she falls asleep early every time nightfall comes, that’s why she doesn’t remember anything that Vivian does afterward. Vivian’s plan is to take over Judy’s body and life, she wants to come out and play anytime of the day; the only way that Vivian can do that is if she kills Judy’s girlfriend, the only thing that Judy has left in her life to be happy. Judy had a rough life before she met her girlfriend, she was sexually abused by an uncle and a cousin of hers and when she told her mother about it years later, her mother didn’t believe her, so Judy moved out and spend all day and everyday alone at her house not knowing that she was developing a second personality with all her loneliness. When Adriana moved in with her, her second personality had been fed too long to be stopped and has been coming out every night since first developed. Judy has no idea of her existence making her have no control over Vivian’s personality. Vivian was keeping herself undercover, acting like Judy during night when she comes out instead, but was feeding her rage with emo actions, like cutting her legs until it was the right time to do what she had to do all along, kill Adriana and then perform a ritual with Adriana’s body (Judy’s most prized possession) to keep her own personality inside Judy’s body for good.

Without your little girlfriend in the way your body will finally be mine, Judy; today’s the day, start kissing your little girlfriend goodbye. Nobody can split us apart, especially no dumbass psychologist. Everything is ready; I just need one more thing.

“Adriana, baby, can you come here for a second?” Vivian yells in a nice imitation of Judy’s nice, sweet voice, from the guest room where she has her witchcraft star ready. She holds the silver dagger with one hand, hiding behind the door, ready for Adriana when she comes in.

“Is everything okay, baby?” Adriana asks, as she walks toward the guest room.

“Everything will be fine as soon as I’m through with you,” Vivian says, closing the door after she steps into the room, holding the dagger high.

“Judy, what are you doing? Don’t do this again, please.”

“Judy’s not here right now, it’s just Vivian and it’s going to stay that way forever,” Vivian says, as she charges at her with the dagger pointing at her heart.

Vivian strikes. Adriana dies instantly and Vivian begins with her ritual for the beginning of a new life and destruction for anybody who crosses her path.


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